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About MEMI

MEMI is a CCM original publication and is the leading drug reference in the Middle East. With over 40 years of service to Middle East healthcare professionals, MEMI is published annually with unique hand delivery distribution to over 22,000 selected practitioners.

The five section of the Index facilitate retrieval of information easily and efficiently.

MEMI is considered today to be the most comprehensive drug reference in the Middle East Arab world.

MEMI represents:

  • Over 40 years of professional service in the Middle East region
  • Over 95 leading firms
  • Over 5000 therapeutic forms
  • Over 2200 product entries
  • More than 22,000 users (physicians and institustions)


MEMI has the following advantages over previous publications and other reference books intended for the Middle East:

Product Name Index

Gives a brief but comprehensive description of each product, i.e. manufacturer, generic name, and therapeutic category concurrently.

Manufacturers' Index

Carries the manufacturer's full line of products marketed in the Middle East, along with the addresses of both manufacturer and agents/distributors.

Generic Name Index

Designed to give the generic names of drugs having one constituent only, thereby aiding the user to locate a trade name through the generic name with which he/she is familiar.

Therapeutic Category Index

Differs from other reference books with respect to greater detail and accuracy in denoting the correct therapeutic category of each drug

Product Information by Manufacturer

Includes information on individual drugs (trade name, composition, properties, indications, side effects and precautions, drug interactions, dosage, packaging, availability, etc) arranged in a specific format by manufacturer.