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Pharma Consult

Pharma Consult was founded in 1998 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Pharma Consult is a pioneer in its field and is currently operating in all GCC Countries as well as Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and soon in Libya and Iraq. Pharma Consult is the only active professional pharmaceutical consultant with a profound achievement, nurtured with the exceptional professionalism and expertise of its founder Dr. Ismail Soboh, spread over 27 years, especially in the registration and marketing of pharmaceuticals in the Middle East for International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Pharma Consult offers general services to selected International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, who wish to penetrate and establish their business in the Arab Markets, with satisfactory results at absolutely no risks. Currently, many International Pharmaceutical Companies are enjoying the unique services offered by Pharma Consult.

During the past four years, Pharma Consult has attained true records of having more than 140 registrations in the most potential Arab Markets, with an average of 35 registrations a year. And the majority of these registered products have been successfully launched and marketed in the respective countries by Pharma Consult. Moreover, Pharma Consult now enjoys a strong business network in the form of a well-established chain of Distributors as well as teams of professional Medical Representatives in these potential markets.

Pharma Consult is fully equipped with a highly-sophisticated database and enforced with well qualified and experienced staff who can professionally handle the Regulatory and Marketing affairs of all kinds of pharmaceuticals, whether ethical, herbal, food supplements or OTC.


Addresses of Manufacturers/Distributors

To know more about our Local Distribution Network and Method of Operation, please feel free to contact us. REGIONAL OFFICE : PHARMA CONSULT, P.O. BOX: 29859, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.




Trade Names

Hermes, Germany

Biolectra® Magnesium Effervescent Tablets & Lozenges

Calcimed® D3 Forte Effervescent Tablets MultivitR Preparations


Allergo-COMOD® Eye Drops & Nasal Spray

Timo-COMOD® Eye Drops*

Bromelain-POS® Tablets

Uro-POS® Tablets*

Hepar-POS® Capsules*

Xylo-COMOD® Nasal Spray

Hylo-COMOD® Eye Drops

Zinkorotat-POS® Tablets

Ocean-Spray® & Spray-MintR Nasal Sprays

Lomapharm, Germany

Lomal® Cough Syrup*

Loma-hypericum® Tablets*

Lomaherpan® Cream*

Permamed Lab., Switzerland

Dermed® Cleansing Emulsion*

Lubexyl® Skin Cleansing Emulsion*

Verra-med® Solution*

Lubex® Skin Cleansing Emulsion*

Squa-med® Shampoo


* Not listed in Sections 1,3, 4 & 5

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